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Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is the most common and best-known type of massage in the West. If it’s your first time at the spa or you don’t get massage often, Swedish massage is the best place to start. Swedish massage and other types of therapeutic massage are performed by a trained, licensed massage therapist.

Swedish massage is the foundation for other types of Western massage, including sports massage, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy massage.

It is based on the Western concepts of anatomy and physiology, as opposed to energy work on “meridiens” or sen lines in Asian massage systems. Most people get a 50 or 60-minute Swedish or deep tissue massage, but 80 minutes gives the therapist more time to work the muscle tissue and achieve results.

Routine massage therapy promotes circulation and combats stress-related conditions and chronic pain. Our licensed massage therapist offers a wide range of customized sessions with affordable prices. All massages are performed with secured draping to ensure your modesty.

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