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Hydra Facial

Hydra-facial is currently the most popular facial for deep cleansing, nutrition infusion, tightening and anti-wrinkle, skin rejuvenating and brightening.


It suits all kinds of skin, and can improve skin quality and flatten fine lines. It combines together ultra-tiny bubbles and nutrient solution through vacuum loop. The 6 in 1 Pro Facial Machine is a cutting-edge skincare system that combines six powerful functions used for A-list Celebrity Facial Treatments to deliver a comprehensive facial treatment with each of its crafted metal wand.


The Cold Hammer reduces temperature of tissue, diminishing swelling and redness, and shrinking pores. The RF heats up dermis and stimulates collagen regeneration of the skin so as to lift skin.


The Oxygen Injector works by utilizing oxygen and water of strong pressure. All treatments are comfortable, painless, noninvasive and have an immediate effect.

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